By Simon Higgins
Wei. Linguist turned military adviser. Raised among the intellectual elite of China's mighty Tang Dynasty. He sees warfare as life's cruellest certainty, a necessary evil that must be mastered to ensure survival. Victory calls for study, planning and the application of science.

Einarr. Scandinavian raid chief. A tenacious, formidable product of resilient Viking society. To his kind, battle is destiny's call to riches and glory. A chance to defeat life's harsh realities through conquest and plunder, to enter the songs of men, the feasting halls of the gods.

Their cultures lie at opposite ends of the world. They are the dragons of dusk and dawn. Yet Einarr and Wei are fated to be adversaries in a monumental clash — ferocity and cunning against methodical strategy, with the future of a vulnerable kingdom hanging in the balance.

A thought-provoking, epic adventure, this is the exciting story of a remarkable lost turning point in history that could actually have happened.

TVs Vikings meets Sun Tzu's Art of War in this action-packed, non-stop adventure. An exciting page turner by a veteran author.
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By Simon Higgins
ISBN: 978-0-9806194-5-4
It’s 1543 and English teenager Daniel Marlowe has been thrown into a harrowing first contact situation. Separated from his diplomat father by a shipwreck, he's stranded in a Japan torn by vicious inter-clan warfare. Spies, deserters and masterless warriors are everywhere.

Kenji, a warlord’s son, has an equally dire problem. He’s fled an obligation with a stain on his honour and must get home despite roaming bandits and clashing armies waiting in his path.

Courageous orphan Otsu, born of samurai blood and forced to flee her commoner hosts, has her own chilling secret, linked to the weird doll called Chiyo that she carries inside her kimono.

Fated to become ‘tomodachi’ -friends- these three young travellers are also destined for dangerous adventures as they cross a beautiful land haunted by the shadow of the sword.
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MONOSAUCE - Release date May 2024
By Pete Malicki
ISBN: 978-0-9806194-9-2
Monosauce is a compilation of 30 of the best and most popular 10-minute monologues by Malicki. These scripts have been performed over 1,000 times globally and won dozens of awards.

These pieces are perfect for solo performances, festivals, dramatic interpretation or humorous interpretation in speech and debate competitions, Individual Performance for the HSC, or the Endurance category at World Monologue Games.
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